October is

National Pit Bull Awareness & Appreciation Month



In 2011, Bless the Bullys, designated October as National Pit Bull Awareness & Appreciation Month after recognizing that animals shelters, in particular, experienced incredible success with adoption specials, spay/neuter days, and educational events to celebrate NPBAAD.  Considering "pit bulls" in need were benefiting from the extra attention and focus, Bless the Bullys felt certain that animal shelters would welcome 31 days of spotlighting bully breeds.  We were right.  

Why Awareness?  Quite simply, “awareness” means to increase knowledge or understanding of a subject (in other words, to educate people).  If the public  associates “pit bulls,” bully breeds, or any dog with like characteristics negatively, as advocates, it is our duty to educate the public and make them aware of the facts about dogs commonly known as “pit bulls.”  As long as the media villainizes an entire grouping of dogs with a similar appearance, there is a need to educate the public - it's just that simple.   

Extending the National Pit Bull Awareness & Appreciation celebration to an entire month is a great opportunity for shelters, breed clubs, and rescue organizations to spotlight the breed with adoption, education, and responsible ownership events in multiple communities and venues!  National Pit Bull Awareness and Appreciation Month gives shelters and rescue organizations a chance to focus on the many bully breed dogs in their care, educate perspective owners on responsible ownership, and educate the public on bully breed misconceptions.  

Since its designation in 2011, we’ve been thrilled to see so many shelters and rescues across the country hosting events during the entire month of October, with the hope that the spirit of National Pit Bull Awareness & Appreciation Day is carried all year through.   

According to Jodi Preis, founder of Bless the Bullys:

My first bully, Tiffin, inspired me to create a national day and month of awareness and appreciation for bully breed dogs.  

For Tiffin, and for all our beloved family companions, we should keep the spirit of the National Pit Bull Awareness & Appreciation Campaign in our hearts in October and every day! 

Through education and compassion, we will bring about a positive change for these incredible dogs!