NPBAD Event Planning Tips and Ideas! 


If you are associated with a rescue group, humane society, breed club or other dog related organization, you most likely have some experience in event planning. It can be a bit more challenging for individuals who want to hold a National Pit Bull Awareness Day event, but its definitely possible to pull it off by yourself. 


The questions I am most frequently asked about NPBAD event planning come from individuals who want to participate, but they don't know what to do or how to go about doing it.  While I belong to a rescue organization, Bless the Bullys, its pretty widely known that I alone am that organization.  I have a crazy life, a house full of bullies, and a hectic work schedule, so I'm here to tell you that putting something together as an individual can be done!  


The easiest “events” for a single person (along with their breed ambassador), is a meet and greet or educational workshop. This consists of setting up a table, having some informational materials on the American Pit Bull Terrier, a few poster boards, and definitely have a Find the Pit Bull display. Put all that together, and voilà!... Instant pit bull education workshop! 



You will need to get permission to set up a table or booth at a local store, boutique, farmers market or other business that gets a lot of foot traffic. Have something like candy or dog treats to sit out on the table to draw people over. You can dress your dog up in a cute outfit. Whatever it takes to get people to stop at your table and check out what you’re doing. Once you get them over to the table, have information handy that will spark interaction. I have bully coloring sheets and word finder and crossword games for kids that use dog related and responsible dog ownership terms. You might also have a hand-out debunking pit bull myths, a hand-out focusing on working or service pit bulls, famous pit bulls and their owners, etc.  If you’re under a tent or indoors and have a laptop or Ipad, you can download and play positive pit bull videos.


I cannot put enough emphasis on the impact of the Find the Pit Bull Display.  Not only is it an excellent tool to illustrate the problems of breed specific legislation and breed identification, but its also a great conversation starter.  As someone walks by, ask them if they can find the pit bull.  Its a great icebreaker.


If you're not very creative, you can find handouts on pit bulls and responsible ownership practices on various websites including:

Best Friends


Additional ideas for NPBAD Events



Community dog walk or march

Weight Pull

Candlelight vigil

Bully Rally


Pit bull parade

Dog bath

Howl-o-ween party

Costume contest

Pittie Party

Dog show

Kiss-a-Bull kissing booth

Bully adoption event

Spay/neuter day

Responsible ownership day

Canine Good Citizen event

or just a friendly get together


In keeping with the National Pit Bull Awareness Day tradition, your event is entirely up to you!  Whatever you choose to do, please celebrate the great American pit bull terrier and educate your community about this very misunderstood breed on Saturday, October 26, 2013!